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I am a Professor of Computer Science and the Ruth Rappaport Medical School (by courtesy) at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology
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        Computer Science Department
        Taub 705
        Haifa 32000, Israel
        Email: pinter@cs.technion.ac.il or: ron.pinter at gmail.com
        Phone: +972-4-829-4955
        Fax: +972-4-829-3900

a picture of(left to right) Prof. Eliezer Shalev Dean of the Ruth Rappaport Medical School, Technion President Prof. Perertz Lavie and myself (in the wheelchair), taken at my "60th birthday symposium"; (January 2014) by Danny Katz

Professional Interests
Computational Systems Biology, Automated design of integrated circuits, Bioinformatics, graph algorithms, Pharmacogenomics,Compiler technology, High Performance Computing, computational geometry Information Integration, Programming Languages, User Interfaces.
algorithmic number theory

Other Interests
history and phylosophy of science, classical music and the plastic arts DT>
My Research
In my work to date in Computational Systems Biology I have developed and applied discrete math and graph theoretical methods to several topics in life science research and has demonstrated their outstanding applications in numerous papers in first class journals and refereed conference proceedings; some of which opened new (and now active) areas of research, primarily in the areas of the modeling and analysis of biological networks and pathways, and also: comparative genomics, metagenomics, and pharmacogenomics..See more details under Publications, below;I have also co-invented two classes of graphs (both related to interval graphs): trapezoid graphs, and dotted interval graphs; both have respective Wikipedia entries

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.; September 1982.
Thesis title: The Impact of Layer Assignment Methods on Layout Algorithms for Integrated Circuits; advisors: Profs. Charles E. Leiserson and Ronald L. Rivest.
M.Sc., Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.; February 1980.
Thesis title: Using Hyperbolic Tangents in Integer Factoring; advisor: Prof. Ronald L. Rivest.
B.Sc., Computer Science, Summa Cum Laude: Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel; March 1975.

I am also a proud alumnus (1971) of the Hebrew Reali Highschool in Haifa and an avid fan of the Maccabi Haifa Football Club

Previous Positions
Visiting Scholar inst. for Integrative Genomics Princeton University. Princeton NJ and the Systems Biology Dept. at the Institute for Advanced Study Princeton, NJ
Vice President, Research and Development, Compugen Ltd., Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Program Manager, Computer Science, IBM Research Lab in Haifa, Israel. and Member, IBM Academy of Technology
visiting Scientist, Dept of Computer Science Yale University New Haven, CT.
Member of Technical Staff, Computing Principles Research Dept., Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, NJ.

"Engineering of Algorithms"
"the modeling and Analysis of Biological Networks" (seminar)

Programming Languages (CS 234319)
Seminar on Data Integration (CS 236806, Spring 2002)
Seminar on Advanced Algorithms in Computational Biology (CS 236806, Spring 2003)
Seminar in Bioinformatics (CS 236818)
Projects in Bioinformatics (CS 236524)
Introduction to Computer Science for Medicine (274121)


Professional Activities
I am in charge of the Bioinformatics Knowledge Unit within the Lorry I. Lokey Interdisciplinary Center for Life Sciences and Engineering at the Technion, Head of the Bioinformatics Track in the Dept. of Computer Science, and the head of the Department's Computational Biology Lab.

Current Graduate Students (in alphabetic order) lots of openings just let me know if interested to: ron.pinter at gmail.com

Graduated Students (in reverse chronological order)

1.Meirav Zehavi (jointly with Hadas Shachnai)."Algorithms for Parameterized Graph problems with Applications to Biological Network Queries"(Now on the faculty of the CS dept at Ben-Gurion Univ of the Negev)
2. Alon Diament (jointly with Tamir Tuller), Three Dimensional Genomic Organization of Eukaryotic Genes is Strongly Correlated with Their Codon Usage; Expression and Function
3. Michal Gordon (jointly with Eitan Rubin and Ron Apte; Ben-Gurion University of the Negev), Development and Implementation of Computational Methodologies for a Systems Level Analysis of Bio-Medical Data, Dept. of Health Sciences, Ben-Gurion University
4. Noa Tzunz- Henig Ph. D.in Medicine(jointly with Ariel Miller and Nili Avidan): Transcriptional Profiling and pathway analysis of response to Interferon-beta in immune cells and Multiple Sclerosiss 2012. Now with the Lokey Center, Technion
5. Noy Cohen-Ronen (MD thesis) (jointly with Zehava Vadas and Michael Shmoish): bioinformatic analysis of data produced by Flow cytometry in hemato-oncology diseases 2011.
won the 1st prize for MD theses at the Technion 2010-11
6. Itai Sharon Ph. D.in Computer Science(jointly with Oded Beja): Computational Methods for Meagenomic Analysis 2011.
7. Adam Carmi M.Sc.in Computer Science:(jointly with Michael Kaminski): Adaptive Multi-Pass Parsing
8. Evgeny (Yuval) Shaphir, M.Sc.in Computer Science(jointly with Shmuel Wimer): Interconnect-driven Cell-based Migration of Integrated Circuit Layout, 2009.
Now at Qualcomm, San Diego.
9. Alexandra Skolozub, M.Sc.in Computer Science: Conditional Integration of Biological Pathways, 2009.
Now at the IBM Research Lab in Haifa.
10. Adi Mano, M.Sc.in Computer Science: Building Phylogenetic Trees Based on Biochemical Pathways, 2008. Now with theGoogle Research Labs in Haifa.
11. Oleg Rokhlenko, Ph.D.in Computer Science: Algorithms for Labeled Graph Matching with Applications to Systems Biology, 2007. Now at the the Yahoo! Research Labs in Haifa.
12. Yoela Yariv, Ph.D.in Biology (jointly with Nurit Katzir and Gadi Schuster): The Isolation and Characterization of Fruit Ripening-related Genes in Melon (Cucumis melo) – a Genomic Approach,<(in Hebrew)/i> 2007. Now at the Newe-Yaar Research Center.
13. Amir Rubinstein M.Sc.in Computer Science:(jointly with Yona Kassir): Faithful Modeling of Transient Behavior in Developmental Pathways, 2006. Now a graduate student at Tel-Aviv University .
14. Eyal Ackerman, Ph.D.in Computer Science (jointly with Gill Barequet): Counting Problems for Geometric Structures: Rectangulations, Floorplans, and Quasi-Planar Graphs, 2006. Now with Haifa University at Oranim.
15. Shimon Golan, M.Sc.(in ComputerScience) (jointly with Avi Gal): Efficient Algorithms for Computing Resource Availability in Wide Area Application Environments, 2006. Now at the IBM Research Lab in Haifa.
16. Dolev Dotan, M.Sc.(in ComputerScience): HyperFlow: a Visual, Ontology-Based Query and Data-Flow Language for End-User Information Analysis, 2006. Now at the IBM Research Lab in Haifa.
17. Firas Swidan, Ph.D.in Computer Science: Comparative Genomics: from Accurate Mapping to Sorting by Weighted Reversals and Repeat-Annotated Phylogenies, 2006. Now with the Google Research Labs in Haifa
18. Haggai Yedidya, M.Sc.(in ComputerScience): Performance Evaluation of Data Cache Organizations for SMT Processors, 2005. Now at Allott Comm.
19. Esti Yeger-Lotem, Ph.D.(in ComputerScience) (jointly with Hanah Margalit of the Hebrew University): Computational Analysis of Integrated Networks of Transcription Regulation and Protein-Protein Interactions, 2005. Now on the faculty of the Medical School of the Ben-Gurion Univ. of the Negev Beer Sheva, Israel.
20. Wisam Kadry, M.Sc.(in ComputerScience), Simulation of Metabolic Pathways, 2004. Now at ECI Telecom.
21. Oleg Rokhlenko, M.Sc.,(in ComputerScience)Tree Based Comparison of Metabolic Pathways, 2004.(went on for a Ph.D. under my supervision see No.8 above)
22. Joram Pe'er, M.Sc.(in Electrical Engineering): Minimal Multi-level Decomposition of Boolean Functions Using Non-Repeating Literal Trees, 1993.
23. Ilan Levin, M.Sc.(in Electrical Engineering): Realizing Expression Graphs with Xilinx Elements, 1992. Now at GE HealthCare.
24. Shimon Ben-Yehuda, M.Sc.(in Electrical Engineering), Post Generation Symbolic Layout Optimization, 1988. Now at the IBM Research Lab in Haifa.
25. Amnon Joseph, M.Sc.(in Electrical Engineering), Feed-through River Routing, 1987.
26. Joseph Blatman, M.Sc.(in Electrical Engineering), Bus Routing, 1987.

for the official list of the Technion's Graduate School (with links to abstracts and full-text theses) see: Technion's Graduate School list.


  • Meirav Zehavi, Dor Ganor and Ron Y. Pinter: GRegNetSim: A Note on GRegNetSim: A Tool for the Discrete Simulation and Analysis of Genetic Regulatory Networks IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics(TCBB), "Vol 17, No. 1, pp. 316-320, Jan.-Feb. 2020
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