Anastasia Braginsky

Contact Details:

Office phone: +972-4-829-4362
Fax: +972-4-829-3900
Room number: Taub 326
Email: anastas @ (mind the gaps!)

Short Bio:

I am a Ph.D. student (direct track) in Computer Science Department at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology under the supervision of Prof. Erez Petrank.
My academic interest is in Concurrent Data Structures in shared memory, particularly in Lock-Free and Wait-Free Data Structures.
I hold M.A. (2011) and B.A (Summa Cum Laude, 2004) degrees from Computer Science Department, Technion.
Between my first at second degree, I worked at IBM Storage Development Lab (Haifa).


  1. Anastasia Braginsky, Alex Kogan, Erez Petrank: Drop the Anchor: Lightweight Memory Management for Non-Blocking Data Structures SPAA 2013: 33-42
  2. short version in pdf
  3. Shahar Timnat, Anastasia Braginsky, Alex Kogan, Erez Petrank: Wait-free linked-lists. PPOPP 2012: 309-310
  4. Anastasia Braginsky, Erez Petrank: A lock-free B+tree. SPAA 2012: 58-67 short version in pdf
  5. Anastasia Braginsky, Erez Petrank: Locality-Conscious Lock-Free Linked Lists. ICDCN 2011: 107-118 short version in pdf


  1. 234123 - Operalting Systems Teaching Assistant (Spring 2009, Spring 2012), Teaching Asistant in Charge (Winter 2009-2010 - Winter 2013-2014)
  2. 236371 - Project in Parallel/Distributed Programming Projects supervisor (Winter 2012-2013)
  3. 236504 - Project in software, Project supervisor (Spring 2013)

Updated Linux Image for OS course 234123 (Spring 2014): Image


I am also a competitive ballroom dancer, dancing both in Latin and Standard styles.