Tal Mor's Home Page

Updated 02/Mar/2014

Tal Mor

Computer Science Department,

Technion city, Haifa 32000, Israel

Office: TAUB Building; Room 634
Phone (office): 972-4-8294885
Fax (faculty office): 972-4-8293900
Email: talmo (at) cs.technion.ac.il

Research and Teaching

My main research field is Quantum Information Processing (QIP)
See details here

CS QIP group - theory and lab activities
Technion Qubit Group (TQG)
Graduate students; Postdoctorates, and Visitors
QIP courses ; Digital Systems (DS) and Logic Design (LD)
QIP conferences
Publication list

Bulletin board

Quantum Key Distribution (special issues - call for papers)
Quantum communication complexity and nonlocality (special issues)
October 2007: When classical Bob meets quantum Alice
August 2007: Cooling and thermodynamics of quantum systems
Oct-Dec/2005: Michel Boyer's visit to my group
20/Sept/2004: Initiation and development of a new study track in CS+Physics
(see details in page 2 and pages 13-14 here)

23/Sept/2003: Presentation to DARPA's director