7'th Israeli Network Seminar 2012

Tel Aviv University

Thursday, May 17, 2012

You are invited to join us for the 7th Israeli Networking Seminar hosted this year on Thursday, May 17, by Tel Aviv University.
The seminar brings together members of the networking community, from the industry and from the academia, presenting and learning about recent developments in the area in an informal venue. The seminar fosters collaborations and facilitates early exposure of new industry challenges and trends to the academia as well as new research ideas to the industry.

Looking forward to see you all in the seminar.

The organizers
Rami Cohen, IBM Research Haifa (ramic@il.ibm.com)
Boaz Patt-Shamir, Tel Aviv University (boaz@eng.tau.ac.il)


While participating in the seminar is free, the space is limited. Please register in advance.


The seminar will take place in the Computer and Software Engineering building in Tel-Aviv University (see MAP and http://www2.tau.ac.il/map/unimapl2.asp).

Participants of the seminar are eligible for free parking on the seminar day. If you arrive by car, please park in the Smolarz parking lot (see map), and bring your ticket to the seminar registration, where it will be validated.



9:30-9:35 Boaz Patt-Shamir

Session 1: Security Session 2: Distributed Algorithm & P2P
Haya Shulman
Off-path Attacks on DNS Security

Yuval Rochman
Max Percentile Replication for Peer-based VoD Systems

10:05-10:30 Shimrit Tzur
Decompression-Free Inspection: DPI for Shared Dictionary Compression over HTTP
Stacy Patterson
Distributed Average Consensus and Coherence in Dynamic Networks
Yaron Koral
MCA2: Multi Core Architecture for Mitigating Complexity Attacks
Asaf Cohen
Network Coded Gossip with Correlated Data

Coffee Break

Session 3: Routing
Session 4: Monitoring and Management
11:20-11:45s Ronit Nossenson
Priority Based Enhancement of Online Power-Aware Routing in Wireless Sensor Network
Erez Tsidon
Counter-Estimation Decoupling for Approximate Rates
Liron Schiff
A priority queue powering technique
Ori Rottenstreich
The Bloom Filter Paradox
Gideon Blocq
How Good is Bargained Routing?
Noa Zilberman
Crawling the Internet PoP Level Graph for IP Geolocation
Gil Levy
High Performance Exact Match Lookup Algorithm for switching & Router  devices
Yossi Kanizo
Optimal fast multiple-choice hashing


Session 5: Data Center Session 6: Security
Amir Epstein
Improving Consolidation of Virtual Machines with Risk-Aware Bandwidth Oversubscription in Compute Clouds
Tal Mizrahi
Time Synchronization Security using IPsec and MACsec
Assaf Rapaport
Approximation Algorithm for Data Centers Placement
Ofer Hermoni
Arbitrators in the Security Infrastructure

Coffee Break

Session 7: Theory Session 8: Distributed Algorithm
Shiri Chechik
Fully Dynamic Approximate Distance Oracles for Planar Graphs via Forbidden-Set Distance Labels
Ittay Eyal
Robust Data Sharing with Key-Value Stores
Yoram Haddad
SINR Diagram with Interference Cancellation
Yosef Kampeas
Opportunistic Scheduling in Heterogeneous Networks: Distributed Algorithms and System Capacity
Moti Medina
Improved Approximation for Orienting Mixed Graphs

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Supported by the I-CORE Program of the Planning and Budgeting Committee and The Israel Science Foundation Faculy of Engineering, Tel-Aviv University