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Last updated: April 21, 2009


Thanks to Andrea Deutsch, Peter Deutsch,
Herbert Newman, Sue Newman, Naomi Setchfield,
Sasha Lagerova and Martin Swartz
for providing me with valuable information.

Thanks to the late Denes Deutsch, Sandor Deutsch, Erich Dolc,
Anna Lager-Deutsch, Valy Weiler-Deutsch, for their documentations.

Added April 2009

Toronto, June 2004:

David Deutsch descendants: Overview of the Deutsch family tree. The patriarch is David Deutsch, born in Pudmeric (Budmerice) 1840, a cohen, emigrated in 1860 to New York, but returned to Trnava (Nagy-Szombat) in 1861 and died in Trnava 20.11.1911. He was a grain dealer and traded on the commodity exchange in Vienna. He had 11 children. Their descendants are given below.

Majtenyi-Markovits story

The Majtenyi-Markovits family: Andras Majtenyi, born Andras Markovits, is the father of Janos Makowsky, son of Marianne Makowsky-Deutsch.
Grandfather Jeno Markovits was an important Hungarian Communist Official in Finance and Economic policy from 1945-1971. This pointers give an interesting insight into Hungarian Society immediately after WWII.

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