(some people say that this amazing blond also looks like me... I obviously deny.)

Eyal Kushilevitz

Department of Computer Science, Technion
Haifa 32000, Israel
+972-4-8294303 (voice)
+972-4-8293900 (fax)


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Research Interests:

Program Committees:

I am (or recently have been) on the following program committees: ITCS 2019, TCC 2018, Eurocrypt 2017, TCC 2016,

My book ``Communication Complexity'', co-authored with Noam Nisan, was published by Cambridge University Press. Some details about the book (including some typos etc.) can be found HERE. You can visit Amazon to order the book. You can also read a review written about this book by Prof. W. Gasarch (appeared in SIGACT News June, 1998).

My Publications:

Until I update my publications list, I recomend viewing my publication information at DBLP.

My Classes

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