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Erez Petrank is a Professor of Computer Science at the Technion, where he holds the Andrew and Erna Viterbi Chair in Computer Science. Prof. Petrank's main research contributions are in the area of concurrency, memory management, and cryptography (theoretical foundations). Petrank was involved in the construction of practical systems at IBM and at Microsoft; he has contributed algorithms for various memory management components; he made wait-free data structures practical; and designed basic zero-knowledge protocols. Petrank's papers received best paper awards in OOPSLA, VEE, DISC, and Euro-Par. His student received the Principles of Distributed Computing Best Doctoral Dissertation Award for 2016. Petrank received many awards including the IBM Research Division Award (twice), the Yanai Award for excellence in teaching, the Rothschild Post-Doctoral fellowship, and the Technion Award for High Excellence in Teaching (more than 10 times). Prof. Petrank holds 14 patents, one of which was listed among the 10% most profitable IBM patents for 2002. Petrank has served on the ACM SIGPLAN Executive Committee (2009--2012), he was the program chair of PPOPP 2021, VEE 2014, and ISMM 2013, the general chair of VEE 2011, and ISMM 2006. He served as a member of numerous conference program committees including PLDI, OOPSLA, PPOPP, PODC, SPAA, and CRYPTO.